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Soil: SoilData

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SoilData and patches to SoilData can be downloaded here. All executable files are zipped. Download the file by clicking on it and, then save it to a folder, for example, "My Documents" Open the folder and double-click the zipped file. It will open like a folder. You can run the program from there, or copy it to another folder.

Main Programs

  • SoilData 3.0: 11.6 MB Filesize (zipped .exe); The main program. (installation instructions (.pdf))
  • SoilDataNet: 8.76 MB Filesize (zipped .exe); To operate SoilData from computers networked to the computer containing SoilData 3.0, download SoilDataNet and install on the networked computer. (installation instructions (.pdf))
  • SoilRepair: 56.5 KB (zipped .exe); If an error should occur with SoilData, SoilRepair can be used to correct the SoilData.mdb file on the main soil test computer.
  • Crop Information: 318 KB Filesize (.mdb); Most current crop information file that can be imported into SoilData. Contains modifications made in AGR1 2008/09.
  • Remote diagnostic program: 740 KB Filesize (zipped .exe); After downloading, click on the file to install. It will ask you to create a password. Please use: UK#1wildcatfan


  • McAfee v8.0 Fix (.doc): Instructions on setting McAfee v8.0 to allow SoilData to email out crop information.
  • SoilData 3.0.1 (.doc): Instructions for installing which fixes the problem of emailing crop information due to ISP problems. This is not a stand-alone installation. SoilData 3.0 should already be installed.
  • Old Outlook conversion (pre Outlook 2007): The old web site with instructions for setting Outlook to receive soil test data for the SoilData program.

Training: Material prepared for the training sessions on the SoilData program and the University of Kentucky Soil Testing web site.

  • Crop List (.pdf): Following is a list of crops that you can choose from in the SoilData program.
  • Crop Info Cheat Sheet (.pdf): A list of required entries for complete fertilizer and lime recommendations from a soil test.
  • Jan 2013: Shipping Samples/Billing Process: Part 1 handouts for in-service training held in January 2013 on shipping samples and the billing process. (.pdf)
  • Jan 2013: Crop Information and Soil Reports: Part 2 handouts for in-service training held in January 2013 on Crop Information and Soil Reports with an emphasis on the SoilData program. (.pdf)
  • Jan 2013: Web Services: Part 3 handouts for in-service training held in January 2013 on Web Services offered at (.pdf)
  • SoilData: Advanced Topics: Entering agent comments, filtering data, exporting data, soils web page. (.pdf)

Memos: Memos on SoilData and Soil Test Laboratory operations.