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Soil: Calculators

One Fert: This calculator determines the application rate of one fertilizer given a set of soil test recommendations for nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. The nutrient from which calculations are made is selected and the deficit or surplus of the other nutrients are calculated.
Mult Fert: This calculator determines the application rate of up to three fertilizers given a set of soil test recommendations for nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. The calculator will determine the best rates for the fertilizers selected to match the recommendations entered. Deficits or surpluses from the recommendation rates are reported.
Mult Fert Econ: The multiple fertilizer rate calculator including economic costs.
Econ Lime: This is an economic lime calculator that will calculate corrected lime application rates based on lime RNV. Economic factors are also calculated to determine the actual value of the lime.
Econ Lime II: This is a more complex economic lime calculator that allows you to enter hauling, purchase and spreading cost of lime and you can compare up to three lime sources.
AGR1 Calc: The AGR1 Calculator is based on University of Kentucky fertilizer and lime recommendations published in the UK AGR1 publication on Lime and Nutrient Recommendations. Laboratory data and crop information are entered and recommendations are calculated for the entered data.
Manure: This calculator is an EXCEL file that should be downloaded before operating. The calculator will determine manure application rates to meet nutrient demands of the crop.

How to work offline

You can download the internet calculators to work with them without internet connection. Follow the directions below to get the internet calculators saved onto your computer.

1. Click on the link to the left and save the calculators onto your computer. The saved file will be a zipped file containing all the calculators.
2. Unzip the file.
3. The manure calculator is an EXCEL file that is opened by clicking on the file named "ManureUse1-2.xls". The other calculators are opened by clicking on the htm files (AGR1 calc, One Fert, Mult Fert, Mult Fert Econ, Econ Lime, Econ Lime II, AGR1 Calc).

Copyright Protection

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Permission to run these calculators is granted subject to the following condition: the program may not be sold, nor bundled with any other product(s) (such as software, printed information, etc.) for which a user is charged, or for which a user must pay any kind of fee (license fee or otherwise).
VIRUS PROTECTION related to the operation of these calculators and/or use of downloaded versions IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER.