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Soil: Tests: Optional

These are optional tests offered to producers. With most of the optional tests, the test result is provided without recommendations. Exceptions are triazine residue for tobacco fields and presidedress nitrate test for corn. When using the A, H, or C forms for these tests, place the code for the test on a yellow Post-It note and place it on the form. When using the SoilData program select the test from the drop-down list or enter the code in the "Formless Entry" window at "Test to be made:".

Material Tested Cost Code Test*
Soil $21 05 Heavy Metals, Mehlich III Extraction (Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb, Zn, Cu)
(Memo on this test)
Soil $12 23 Micronutrients (B, Mn, Cu, Fe)
Soil $8 Presidedress nitrate test (PSNT)
Soil $24 07 Sand, Silt, Clay, and Textural Class
Soil $19 08 Cation Exchange Capacity, Bases, and Base Saturation
Soil $30 15 Triazine Residue (Atrazine and Simazine)
Soil $4 BO Hot water extract B
Soil $5 OM Organic Matter
Soil $4 SS Soluble Salts
Soil $4 TN Total Nitrogen
Soil $4 20 Water Holding Capacity
Soil or Mine spoil $25 PA Potential acidity (cost includes routine soil test)
Soil or Mine spoil $4 X6 Calcium Carbonate Equivalence

*Princeton conducts the PSNT. Lexington conducts all other tests.